May 2021 social sessions

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

19 May 2021


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1st Session -


At the 18th IIW Convention In April this year, 30 countries participated in the submission of their Club projects.


Club Advisor Maria Hassanbhai shared with members some of the meaningful and unique projects. District Chairman Gillian and members from 3 Clubs in Singapore were invited too. The session was held with numerous photos on powerpoint. The purpose was to highlight the projects under taken by overseas Clubs.



2nd Session -


IWCS has been supporting Good Shepard Girls Centre.


Therefore it was only appropriate to invite the manager, Ms Martha Teo to give a presentation on 'Work of Good Shepard Centre and Challenges Children Face'. It was a good insight to hear the other numerous on-going activities of the Centre.


~ Maria Hassanbhai