Friendship Day celebration project

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

30 July 2021


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Friendship Day on July 30th was the occasion to reach out to every member in our Club, even members currently across the ocean ! It was an opportunity to deepen our relationships.


Some Club members were assigned to contact Seniors, new members and the less active members, just to let them know that they are in our thoughts.


One member went the extra mile and bought a cake, flowers, a specially made card and visited a very senior member of the club.


Surprise greetings on the phone to overseas members were also very well appreciated. Club members shared that the networking was a huge success and expressed their happiness at having the meaningful and personal conversations.


We did not forget the Frontline and Essential workers making big sacrifices during this pandemic.


We joined the National Day Gratitude Card Project to produce 30,000 gratitude cards for them. Members handmade 75 cards to reflect our Club's 75th Anniversary. Members discovered their creativity and had a heightened sense of gratitude.


After this friendship day, we reflected that it would be important to try and connect directly and personally with members more than just for Friendship day.


We realise the importance of being interested in people and connected in meaningful ways. We also felt the need to show gratitude.


~ Wendy Louis / Maria Hassanbhai