Inner Wheel Singapore Celebrates International Day of Peace

  Inner Wheel Club of Singapore

22 September 2021


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The International Day of Peace was celebrated at the September General Meeting of the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore on 22 September 2021. The programme comprised the usual business section with the President’s update followed by a talk with a reflection on peace, followed by a very interesting demonstration of some yoga practices.


The talk  and reflection helped members to ‘Imagine’ peace; to go into their inner chamber of peace in the heart and feel the peace that comes with imagining a moment in time, an image, a hug, a landscape. After imagining peace, all were invited to ‘Speak’ peace by writing in two lines, the feeling or image they reflected on or draw a picture. Members shared beautifully their two liners and their imagination on what peace meant for them. After ‘speaking’ peace we heard extracts from the International Peace Day message of the UN Secretary General. His message was based on the theme ‘Recovering better for a sustainable and equitable world’.


The talk ended on the thought that peace is never perfect, but it can be beautiful in its brokenness. This is epitomised in the Japanese art of Kintsugi where repairing broken porcelain using gold lacquer makes it unique and more beautiful.


During the meeting, as a gesture of peace and solidarity, members made an instant donation towards the IIW Disaster and Covid Fund. The collection was later remitted to IIW.


For the second part of the meeting members were guided in a step by step demonstration on the first exercise in yoga which is to learn to breathe deeply and increase our energy and well being. Our own members provided the demo and are regular practitioners of yoga. The group was energised and inspired by the programme.


~ Wendy Louis