About Inner Wheel District 331

Map of Clubs in District 331 (East Malaysia & Singapore)


In March 2012, at the Thirty-second District Annual General Meeting of District 330 held in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia), a resolution was passed to form a new district from its 3 clubs in Singapore and 5 clubs in East Malaysia.  IIW was informed and the new District 331 was registered on 15 May 2012. Mrs Rokiah Staun was elected its first District Chairman.


District 331 includes Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia, Johore and Malacca in West Malaysia and Singapore. Currently, it is made up of 9 Inner Wheel Clubs. In alphabetical order, they are the Inner Wheel Clubs of Kinabalu Rafflesia, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri, Sandakan, Sibu, Singapore, Singapore East and Singapore West.


Inner Wheel Clubs are formed under the auspices of International Inner Wheel which is one of the largest women's service voluntary organisations in the world, found in 103 countries with over 100,000 members in 3,895 clubs. International Inner Wheel is an NGO, inserted in the ECOSOC roster, with several representatives at the United Nations.



Highlight of the District year is the Annual General Meeting. This event is important in bringing together Clubs in true fellowship and understanding. International Inner Wheel Day is often celebrated as an inter-club occasion when Clubs can gain an appreciation of the membership and service of the organisation to which they belong. The District may also arrange overseas visits to IW Clubs.


In 2013, both District 331 and District 330 held a joint AGM on 22-24 March 2013 at the One World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Whilst only the district meeting was separate, all social programmes were held together which was good for the members of both districts as they could see their old friends and meet new ones. At this AGM the International Inner Wheel President, Carole Young, was present and after the AGM she visited Singapore.


The experience of hosting the AGM was invaluable when the Inner Wheel Club of Kota Kinabalu, under District 330, was awarded the honour of holding the International Inner Wheel Convention in 2009. This event gave other IW Districts an appreciation of the rich talent and culture of Malaysia and Singapore. Service to the needy and disadvantaged in the community and support for the victims of the frequent natural disasters in the region are also priorities for the Clubs, and members’ help is often essential to the quality of life, even survival, of many.



Members who served on the International Inner Wheel Board as IIW Representatives were Mrs Jeannette Tong (IWC Tawau, 1992-1993) and Mrs Annie Foo (IWC Tawau, 1989-1990).

In 1995, the structure of the Inner Wheel Board changed and representation on International Inner Wheel Board was reduced from 25 to 16. These 16 “Board Directors”, are to be elected by clubs worldwide from National Representatives. The IIW Representatives from then on became known as National Representatives. Members who served as National Representatives were Mrs Phyllis Fong (IWC Singapore East, 2015-2016), Mrs Lucy Tokuzip (IWC Kota Kinabalu, 2010-2011), Mrs Shirin Rustom Ghadiali (IWC Singapore, 2008-2009), Dr (Mrs) Kim Ng (IWC Singapore West, 2003-2004), the late Mrs Maisie Lee (IWC Singapore East, 2002-2003), Datuk Nancy Ho (IWC Kota Kinabalu, 1998-2000), Mrs Pauline Lau (IWC Sandakan, 1996-1997) and Puan Sri Helen Jayasuria (IWC Kota Kinabalu, 1995-1996). The following members served as IIW Board Directors: Mrs Shirin Rustom Ghadiali (IWC Singapore, 2011-2012) and Datuk Nancy Ho (IWC Kota Kinabalu, 2004-2005 and 2009-2010). Mrs Lucy Tokuzip (IWC Kota Kinabalu) is IIW Board Director 2015-2016.